About Breezeblog


Breezeblog is written and produced by Chris Gibbons, an English-born journalist and editor who has lived and worked in Bermuda since 1982 and therefore long gone native.

After starting his career on the Bucks Examiner in his hometown of CheshamBucks, he later worked for the now defunct Evening Post-Echo in Hemel Hempstead before joining The Royal Gazette sports desk in 1982. He then went on to be sports editor of the Mid-Ocean News and was founding editor of RG Magazine, which he ran as part of Crown Communications from 1993 to 2001 before leaving to start his own company, Kaleidoscope Media Ltd with Bermudian graphic designer Corrina Rego, the former art director of Crown Communications. He is married with three children that he knows about.

Apart from blogging and spending too much time in front of his Mac/iPad/iPod, Chris’s interests include football, music, movies, history, walking, reading, cycling, skiing, travelling, good food and more football.

Why “breezeblog”? Well, shootin’ de breeze is a national pastime here in Bermuda and breezeblog seemed an appropriate play on breeze block, which is what everything seems to be built out of these days instead of real Bermuda rock.


Breezeblog is a member of the Bermuda Media Council and supports the Council’s Code of Practice.