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Tickets? Check. Passport? Check. Bullet-proof vest? Well hopefully not … On Thursday I set out for South Africa for the World Cup and it’s hard not to feel like a kid at Christmas.

This will be my fourth mundial having previously been to USA 94, France 98 and Germany 06 but the anticipation never wanes. And experiencing the event in Africa for the first time makes it extra special.

I’ll be traveling with the usual trio of footy-mad mates and we’re lucky enough to have 10 matches lined up in 14 days, kicking off with the mouth-watering prospect of Brazil v Ivory Coast in Soccer City on June 20. We’ll also see Germany v Ghana, Spain v Chile amongst others and, if the group seedings go to plan, England in the round of 16 in Rustenburg and a possible Argentina v Germany quarter-final in Cape Town. I can’t wait – although we will have to spend three days getting there first via New York and Barcelona (don’t ask – it was the only way we could get there for under $1500). (more…)

poor relations

Posted: October 7, 2009 in football

If QPR owner  Lakshmi Mittal is the wealthiest man in British football and co-owner Bernie Ecclestone is No.8, how come we get lumped with Jim Magilton (nice guy but hardly a coach with a winning pedigree). And precious little seems to have been invested in the quality players we need to return to the Promised Premierland. Come on Lakshmi, spare us a few extra shekels!

sports finals

Posted: June 18, 2009 in football, media

Pink ‘uns and Green ‘uns in black and white – and read all over | David Foot | Football | The Guardian.

A nostalgic piece that will probably mean very little to anyone under the age of 30. Sports Finals, the Saturday night sports newspapers that appeared in most major UK cities barely 30 minutes after the final whistle, are long gone. They must seem an anachronism now in the internet age where you can get minute-by-minute reports on your phone but they were an exciting phenomenon to work on.

I was lucky enough to have worked for a while on the now defunct Evening Post-Echo in Hemel Hempstead in the early 80s, alternating between working on the sub-editing desk and filing copy -by phone – from a First Division ground. It never ceased to amaze me how we got it out – even more so looking back at how labour-intensive it was in those pig-headed union days before journalists were allowed to use computers.

It was hard work but rewarding too – there’s nothing like having to dictate a new intro on the fly when some bastard at Highbury scores a last-minute winner to sharpen your reporting skills!