Daily balls

Posted: December 13, 2007 in football, internet

If you find keeping up with all the soccer news a full-time job, I can thoroughly recommend subscribing to The Time’s Ahead of the Game e-mail. It contains a daily fix of all the footy news and witticisms you need and takes less than five minutes to skim through – plus there are daily YouTube links for you sorry people who don’t have jobs, lives, families, etc. to occupy your waking hours. Among today’s gems, insight from Sven on why Capello’s lack of English wouldn’t be a hindrance to him getting the England job:  “It certainly wasn’t a problem for me as I spoke to him in Italian!” he said helpfully. And for more on Fabulous Capello, the man who once asked Ronaldo, “Aren’t you ashamed of being so fat?”, check out The Times’  A-Z on the man.   Now if only The Times could clear it with their legal department for overseas viewers to watch the Premier League highlights they post every week …. 

  1. James Whittaker says:

    Hey Chris,

    Also worth checking out, in the same vein, is The Fiver on the Guardian’s website – http://football.guardian.co.uk/fiver/
    The Times’ feature is largely ripped off of the Fiver, which, is, I think, slightly sharp, particularly if you share their offbeat sense of humour.
    Their Podcasts (Football Weekly) are worth a listen too…



  2. Chris Gibbons says:

    I agre James, The Fiver is a good laugh – and as you’ll see from my recently added links, Football Weekly (or twice weekly!) is one of my must-listen podcasts every week. Barry Glendenning is a true star!

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