New features …

Posted: December 14, 2007 in Uncategorized

Regular readers (how grandiose after a week’s blogging! – that will be you three sniggering at the back, then) will notice a couple of new features. I love the Sonific widget which is free and allows you to customise your own playlist from their eclectic library. They don’t have much mainstream stuff – which is not a bad thing as there are some real hidden gems in there. I will try and refresh this playlist frequently.I have also added links to previous posts, your comments and links to some of the other blogs I follow as well as some of my favourite podcasts. I was going to add the strangely addictive Twitter but I haven’t really got the hang of that yet – and there only seems to be me and The Limey trying to use it. Check out Phil’s site if you want to see how it works and follow his random thoughts during the day. Be great to have the Island a-Twittering next year. Even better to have The Good Doctor Ewart signed up so we can keep tabs on him!Thanks for all your comments (no, really – I have had a surprising number of messages drop in my inbox this week). Glad you enjoy the blog – and keep the comments coming.  

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