PLP heads for victory

Posted: December 18, 2007 in bermuda politics

Donte Hunt takes St George’s South for UBP and Grant Gibbons holds Paget East. Derrick Burgess holds Hamilton East for PLP. Cole Simons wins Smith’s South.

Wayne Furbert holds Hamilton West and admits on ZBM he made the decision to switch Dunkley to Smiths North when he was leader but says he expected Dunkley to win. Bob Richards says he is “saddened” by Dunkley’s loss and called him “courageous” for what he tried to achieve. Wouldn’t be drawn on a future leader. Calls his own win in Devonshire East as “hollow” because of the UBP’s poor showing.

Interesting stat: Neville Tyrell (PLP) lost UBP stronghold Devonshire East by over 200 in 2003, only 27 this time. If Tyrell can make those inroads, it does not bode well for the future of the UBP.

At 11:02, Julian Hall and Tom Vesey predict 22-14 PLP win – no change overall. Celebrations have started at Alaska Hall.

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