Disturbing power play

Posted: December 21, 2007 in bermuda politics

I agree with Vexed Bermoothes’ comments yesterday about the Cabinet shuffle. Very disturbing indeed. If Bermudians had any doubts about the direction Dr. Brown seems determined to be taking Bermuda, there can’t be any now. What was that old adage? Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely?

In his interview with the BBC yesterday morning, Dr. Brown indicated that the allegation of corruption at the BHC “will disappear, it will evaporate, now that the election is over.” 

Then, yesterday afternoon, he transferred responsibility for the judiciary and public prosecutions to his control at the Cabinet office. So, indeed, he’s probably correct. 

Rather than reform, we are seeing a consolidation of power. 

For further analysis of the election results, check out these maps of voting trends 2003-2007 by Kevin Mayall of AG Research. 

  1. […] back responsibility for the Judiciary, Legislature and the Department of Public Prosecution that he alarmingly took from new Attorney General Kim Wilson after the election. According to a Cabinet office statement published in The Royal Gazette, he […]

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