Clyde Best featured in Telegraph

Posted: December 29, 2007 in Bermuda, football


Nice piece by Patrick Barclay (brother of my good friend, Bermuda-based journo Charles) about Bermuda soccer legend Clyde Best in this week’s Sunday Telegraph. It’s hard to explain the impact Best had at the time he played for West Ham (late 1960s) when soccer in the UK was predominantly white. He was a terrifically powerful centre forward and made such an impression on me as a kid that when I was applying for a job in Bermuda in 1982, the only things I knew about the Island were Bermuda shorts, the Bermuda Triangle and that it was where Clyde Best came from. In person he’s an absolute gentleman and a nicer guy you couldn’t wish to meet who still eats, sleeps and drinks football. Such was his impact in the UK that in 1997, more than 25 years after Best last played for the Hammers, when West Ham beat Scottish side Clyde on a pre-season tour, the Sunday Mirror headlined the match report: “Hammers are Clyde Best!”
  1. John Glenn says:

    Dear sir,
    When i was at school (now a distant dream im afraid)i was asked by the history teacher to do a biography of my hero.I chose Clyde why i dont know but i did.To understand this you must first understand that i am white and a Man U supporter (ask Clyde what that means to a Hammer) but i think i am getting it now because ive found another hero that i think ive been looking for and he is also black.Saint Maurice.I aint a fruitcake but i truly believe we are one race and we all come from the same strand so basicly i would just like you to pass on my deepest regards to Mr Best just to say thanks.

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