Dr. Brown hands back powers to AG

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown has handed back responsibility for the Judiciary, Legislature and the Department of Public Prosecution that he alarmingly took from new Attorney General Kim Wilson after the election. According to a Cabinet office statement published in The Royal Gazette, he announced:

“The Attorney General has confirmed that those private matters which might have made the assumption of these ministerial responsibilities unduly burdensome have been resolved and I am happy to return those areas of responsibility to her. I certainly have enough to do.”

So what was all that about? Was this really a genuinely temporary arrangement or did someone tell the Prem that consolidating power this way was a no-no? As shadow AG John Barritt told the Gazette:

“There is no question that what was originally put out there was wrong, not only for appearances but because there should be a separation of the executive and judiciary and prosecution.”

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