Fight for the right to know

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Bermuda, bermuda politics, media

Dr. Brown’s increasingly secretive Government and the closed-doors policy of bodies like the Corporation of Hamilton have given a sharp poignancy to The Royal Gazette’s Right To Know campaign for increased Freedom of Information. The paper launched the campaign today to “throw open the doors  of Government and publicly-funded groups to give the people of Bermuda access to information that shapes their lives”.It’s in all our interests to throw our support behind this long overdue move. As former Premier Alex Scott, who published a green paper on public access to information in 2003, said:  “This is not an anti-government exercise. It’s a pro-democracy vehicle for the public that we serve.”The Gazette is campaigning initially to see a commitment in the Throne Speech on February 1 to table a public information bill in the next House of Assembly. Go to the Gazette’s Facebook page to vote or e-mail comments to

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