Foxy Signatunes hits a cool note

Posted: January 31, 2008 in internet, music

If you use the excellent Firefox web browser, you might already be familiar with the free FoxyTunes plug-in. It basically gives you playback control over your music from a variety of sources – like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Rhapsody, or Pandora – without leaving your browser. Now they’ve added a nifty little feature called Signatunes which will be part of the forthcoming 3.0 release of FoxyTunes. It adds an icon to any web mail service (like Hotmail), as well MySpace, Facebook and WordPress (home of Breezeblog), that lets you add a link to a song you’re listening to – or any song on your computer – as a signature. As you will see at the foot of this post, the link to a classic track by Elvis Costello will take you to the FoxyTunes Planet where you can listen to the song, check out videos and a whole bunch of other stuff about Elvis. A cool way to introduce your friends to your music.

Now playing: Elvis Costello – Alison (My Aim Is True)
via FoxyTunes

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