AmazonMP3 at last …

Posted: March 14, 2008 in internet, Mac, music

Stop me if you’ve heard this one already … but Amazon’s MP3 download music service is now working from Bermuda. When I last tried this shortly after it launched, it would not let you access the service from a Bermuda-based computer. But when I was browsing for something else last night, I just thought I’d have another try … and lo and behold, it worked, even using a Bermuda credit card and despite still saying “only available to US customers”. The Downloader, which you need for seamless integration into your iTunes library, installed in seconds and now I have access to Amazon’s DRM-free music. The interface may not be as slick as the iTunes store but some of the prices are certainly better. Definitely worth a try. Now, if they can just sort out Unbox to work on the Mac, I’ll be even happier.

  1. hansdekker says:

    Awesome, lucky you. No happiness here in Europe.

  2. Phil Wells says:

    Still not working for me, either. 😦

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