Hot on the press

Posted: March 31, 2008 in Bermuda, bermuda politics, media

Call me a cynic but Government’s announcement that it is cutting print advertising and its $42,000 worth of local newspaper subscriptions wouldn’t have anything to do with the Premier’s plans for a new daily newspaper would it? Sources tell me that Dr. Brown is pressing ahead with previously-stated plans to launch a new daily Government-run newspaper and that interviews have already taken place with some leading local journalists – although none will yet own up to having been approached. [Breezeblog, incidentally, can exclusively confirm he hasn’t been tapped up – and would anyway feel guilty about the truckload of taxpayers’ moola it would take for him to consider such an offer.] I’m not saying The Royal Monopoly couldn’t do without some competition but you can’t help thinking that the Daily Doc is likely to be little more than a propaganda sheet. Still, it will be interesting to see how this pans out because regardless of the politics, many of the Gazette’s long-suffering advertising clients will welcome a new daily vehicle if it treats them like the valuable customers they are and if enough of the reading public are fooled into thinking the Daily Doc is a real newspaper, the Gazette is going to have to considerably up its game. 

  1. […] Breezeblog verifies the rumour that Dr. Brown’s mysterious new media concern has been trying to recruit Royal Gazette reporters to join his cause. Good lord, including those treacherous and pesky expats. […]

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