Pick up the milk

Posted: April 10, 2008 in internet, Technology

I’m one of those people thatbif I don’t write something down, make a list or stick a note in my Crackberry, it doesn’t get down. Problem is, although I love my Google Mail/Calendar and integrating it with my Blackberry, there’s been no way to sync tasks across my favourite apps. But this week I heard about Remember The Milk, a free Australian web app that makes it easy to organise your tasks and you can add a gadget that integrates it right into GMail, Google Calendar and your iGoogle home page. And as my Google Calender syncs with my Crackberry, I’m sorted! Now I’m hoping someone comes up with a plug-in for Mailplane, my favourite e-mail program which turns GMail into a Mac-looking app that’s available offline.

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