Mac treats from Tasty

Posted: May 5, 2008 in internet, Mac, Technology

Following an item in the recent issue Macworld, I have been pimping my Safari browser and iMac with a trio of useful little apps from Tasty OS X Software & Widgets which I can throughly recommend. WebSnapper ($15) lets you click and save entire web pages as a PDF – complete with links. You can set it as a button on your browser bar or drag any URL to the WebSnapper window. Way better than trying to print them out!

While you’re at Tasty, try out VideoBox ($15) which lets you drag video cips or URLs off the web and automatically converts them to Quicktime formats for your iPod, iPhone, or iTunes – it also converts to wmv, avi and other formats too. Again, you can set this as a button on your browser too.

One of the things I don’t like about zip files is that when I unzip them, they either scatter the files all over the place or it creates a whole new folder which irritatingly means you then have to delete the original zip. Now I have Tasty Unzip ($8), when I click on the zip, it replaces the zip file with the contents and sends the zip file to the Trash where it belongs.

They’re all leopard compatible and available for free trial (5-15 days depending on the app).

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