Getting on with it

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Bermuda, bermuda politics, media

Stop moaning and move on!

Larry Burchall’s column in today’s Sun is well worth reading. He hits back at a recent white letter writer criticising him for daring to suggest that blacks “move on” when it comes to racism and refreshingly as always, Larry’s not afraid to tell it like he sees it. Here’s just an excerpt:

“Does it matter – to me – what white Bermudians think and feel about the past? No! Does it matter – to me – that white Bermudians haven’t apologized about the past? No! Do I need to see white Bermudians walking around in sack-clothes and ashes, wailing and gnashing their teeth about their past behaviour? No!
In 2008, Bermuda is bedeviled by a national problem of under-educated, under-prepared, and under-skilled black males. This looks like a racial problem. It isn’t. It’s an individual and fixable national problem whose 2008 solution is NOT limited by what happened before 1960.”

Memo to self: must get around to buying Larry’s book, “FINE AS WINE: From coloured boy to Bermudian Man“, in time for my vacation reading next week!

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