Daft name, better product

Posted: July 14, 2008 in internet, Mac

Not yet being an iPhone user, I can’t tell you how well or not Apple’s new MobileMe service works with it. But I definitely think it’s a much-needed improved over .Mac, despite the daft cutesy name. I’ve been a .Mac user for some years – mainly as a limited pre-Google online access/backup option for mail and docs. but with the advent of Google Mail, Docs, etc. I had been using it’s awkward set-up less and less. But MobileMe has at last made this under-used utility a lot more user-friendly. Log on and there’s now one simple screen with easy-to-follow icons for Mail, Contacts, Address Book, Photos and iDisk. It’s much easier to sync, upload and retrieve backed-up docs (although unlike Google Docs you can’t create any new documents within the MobileMe environment). Pricing is still not cheap – $99/year but you get an increased 20GB of storage ($49 for an extra 20GB). If you’re syncing between different Macs, an iPod Touch and an iPhone, it’s money well spent.

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