iTunes cards on sale in Bermuda

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Bermuda, Mac, music

Finally, a small break for Bermuda’s long-suffering iTunes fans. You can now buy iTunes gift cards on the Island – at a price. Red Laser is now selling them – at around $30 for the $25 card and $59 for the $50. They are currently sold out but expect to have more in next week. It’s better than nothing but it makes downloading absurdly expensive – so you’re still better off surreptitiously slipping a few in your wallet next time you’re travelling.

I just hope someday soon a top Apple exec vacations on the Island and gets it in the neck from local Apple users about what a pain in the arse the company is to deal with when it comes to ordering online, using iTunes and – dare I mention it – getting a legit iPhone. That way we might get something done. Surely someone here must reinsure something Apple related – maybe they can put a harsh word in.

No one’s saying anything but maybe something will give on the iPhone front later this year as local carriers roll out their 3G networks.  The damned thing’s been out for 18 months, for God’s sake! How difficult can it be? Can someone enlighten me? [Also if anyone out there has sucessfully hacked a 3G iPhone for Bermuda, please drop me a confidential line at]

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