Android arrives

Posted: September 24, 2008 in media, Technology

As much as I lust after a 3G iPhone, T-Mobile’s G1, the first to feature Google’s Android operating system is definitely one to watch.

It may not yet have the killer design of the iPhone but if you rely heavily on Google as I do (Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Docs, etc), then the G1 is a very promising start. the US$179 (with 2-year agreement and cheaper US data plans) boasts push GMail, a fast Google Chrome Lite browser, cut and paste functions, voice dialing and multimedia messaging, on-the-go syncing, expansion slots, higher res camera, and a direct hook into Amazon’s cheaper and DRM-free Mp3 Store. Food for thought indeed …

More CNet coverage here

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m waiting for the new HTC Touch HD….Thats the phone for me

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