GMail goodies

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Technology

I don’t know what they feed them in the Google Labs but they come up with some bizarre – but oddly useful – stuff. Take these couple of goodies they’ve just added to GMail …

If you’ve ever got home from the bar a little worse for wear and figured this was just the right time to send that scathing e-mail to your boss or ex-wife and copy it in error to your entire address book, then Mail Goggles could save you some embarrassment. By default it is active on Friday and Saturday nights (although you can change that once its enabled if you’re a Thursday night drunk) and makes you solve a series of maths problems in a time limit before you can send the message. Fail and it will save the message for review the following morning when hopefully your head is a little clearer!

Canned Responses saves you typing out replies to common questions or messages, like – “got your message, thanks”,  “thanks for the files” or “piss off and stop bothering me you moron” for that prat from the office. Compose your reply once and save the  text using the “Canned responses” button. You can open and send the message any time. Even better, you can set a GMail filter to create an automated reply using one of your canned responses, and  Send it for you. You can even set up automated message for different keywords too.

Brilliant. Whatever will they think of next, as my mother always says?

  1. Blankman says:

    Google has a policy that employees have a certain amount of free time each week to work on any project that interests them. It doesn’t have to be particularly work related.

    It’s tough to motivate senior employees who may well own a couple of hundred million of stock (at least prior to the meltdown).

    However, a number of their add ons have been developed this way – simply someone fooling around.

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