Is the iPhone Apple’s netbook?

Posted: December 19, 2008 in internet, Mac, Technology

The iPhone is Apple’s Netbook: Almost Half of All Traffic from WiFi Networks – ReadWriteWeb

If there’s one product that seems to be missing from Apple’s product range, it’s a netbook – something in the handy 9-10-inch screen range. Steve Jobs has said in the past that Apple doesn’t go in for making budget hardware and maybe these figures about the wi-fi usage of iPhones back him up. Certainly the growing functionality of the iPhone means I may buy one instead of a MacBook. But to me these figures also indicate that Apple could make a killing by just beefing up the iPod Touch (call it the iTouch or MacTouch) and giving it a slightly larger screen. Do that and it surely opens up the whole netbook/tablet market to them.

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