iTunes ditches DRM

Posted: January 6, 2009 in internet, Mac, Technology

Finally, the iTunes store is to ditch DRM. One of the few highlights of today’s snorer of a keynote at Macworld was that 8 million of the 10 million songs available on iTunes will immediately be DRM-free with the remaining 2 million DRM-free by April. Apple is also introducing three prices for songs – 69c, 99c and $1.29. iPhone users can now also buy songs over a 3G network (dream on, Bermuda …) and not just over wi-fi connections. But if you’re thinking of upgrading your library to DRM-free using Apple’s iTunes Plus service, think again, according to Macworld magazine – it is far from a bargain.

Also announced today: an expensive new 17-inch MacBook Pro, long overdue updates to iLife and iWork plus the beta of a new online collaboration service,, in competiton with Google Docs and Microsoft’s Live Office Workspace.

  1. Brad says:

    Cool! It’s a pity Steve Jobs couldn’t be there, though.

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