pulse is beating fast!

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Mac, Technology

A quick update on the amazing new Pulse pen from Livescribe, which I last raved about in December.

Because my work over the last couple of months didn’t actually involve any interviews or meetings that required serious notes, I hadn’t had a chance to actually test it “in the field”, so to speak. I finally got a chance last week and I can report that it more than lived up to its promise. To quickly recap, the Pulse not only records audio while you write (on special notepads) but if you tap on your notes, the audo replays at exactly that point. It is truly astonishing and it beats the hell out of rewinding or fast forwarding interview tapes or even digital recorders. Not only that but just having a pen and a notebook to carry to meetings is a lot easier too.

If my initial experience is anything to go by, this may be one of the best gadgets I have ever bought. More good news for Mac users: Livescribe just released a new version of the Livescribe Desktop which syncs all your audio and written notes.

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