coming soon – the world’s most expensive iPhone?

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Bermuda, Mac, Technology

First the good news: Cellular One says it will start selling 8GB and 16GB Apple iPhones and launch its 3G network on March 31, although data roaming will not be available until the end of April. There will be no pre-paid service for the iPhone.

Now the bad news: the prices are eye-watering. I was quoted  $1,399 for an iPhone with no contract, $1,199 for a one year contract and $999 for a two year contract. Ouch! By comparison, AT&T in the States sells the 8GB for just $199 and the 16GB for $299 – or $499 and $599 respectively for no-contract phones. It was not made clear by Cellular One whether those prices were the same for the 8GB and 16GB iPhones.

Even allowing for shipping and duty on what presumably are unlocked phones as Apple does not have a partnership with a Bermuda carrier like it does with AT&T in the US,  Cellular One’s prices seem steep. Will this make Bermuda’s the most expensive iPhones in the world?

M3 says it will also be bringin in the iPhone. A  spokesperson confirmed to me yesterday: “We will be bringing the iPhone in. However, a date as to when we will launch the iPhone has not been disclosed as yet. We will properly advertise the promotion of the iPhone and when it will be available to the public.”

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