M3 introduces iPhone 3G

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Bermuda, Mac, Technology

Finally, two years after it debuted, the iPhone is finally on sale legally in Bermuda. As predicted in Breezeblog a couple of days ago, M3 beat Cellular One and introduced the iPhone 3G to Bermuda today. As also correctly predicted here, prices will start at $699 for the 8GB and $799 for the 16GB – a full $200 cheaper than Cellular One which is due to roll its new network out next week … with a price correction, no doubt. Yes, they’re still expensive but I reckon by the time I’ve factored in the original price of an overseas phone, the cancellation penalty, cost of unlocking, duty, etc. the difference is worth paying for to have a locally-supported iPhone.  There’s also another caveat too – apparently unlocked phones have an issue with turning off data roaming when overseas from Bermuda and some people have already been caught out with massive data bills while travelling.

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