At last – QuickBooks Online for Mac

Posted: May 22, 2009 in internet, Mac, Technology

Not before time, Intuit is finally getting around to developing QuickBooks Online for the Mac.

The only catch is that the new beta version only works with Safari – and only version 3.1-3.x at that, so you will have to downgrade from the slick Safari 4.0 to take advantage.   However, the slight aggravation is worth it if, like me, you’ve had to go through the rigmarole of installing Parallels (good though it is), Windows and the God-awful Internet Explorer 6.0 (even 7.0 doesn’t work with QuickBooks!). In fact the only reason I bought Parallels in the first place was to run Quickbooks Online when I made the switch to Mac six years ago. The program had become indispensable to our small business, providing a constant online backup of our finances,  always up-to-date software (no expensive upgrades) and excellent support.

There are three flavours of Quickbooks Online – a free  version, a Basic version ($9.95/month) and a Plus version ($34.95/month). Both the paid versions are available on 30-day trials.

Now, let’s just get Google Chrome running for the Mac and life will really be sweet!

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