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Posted: June 16, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

A very amusing musical take on the crisis that sums up a lot of public feeling right now about the Dishonourable Ewart Brown. But will he go?

[Disclaimer: contrary to a rumour doing the rounds I did NOT create this video. I picked it up off YouTube from somebody called “bermudastandup“]

  1. CJ says:

    There may have been more whites than blacks at the protest but I was still impressed at how many blacks were there …and they were very serious about this. I was also impressed by the amount of younger, and very old, people that where there too – it was not just middle-aged people like me.

    And no surprise that Hott 107 dismissed the protest – it’s basically an Ewart Brown (DRB) station so they would be against and not want to draw attention to it.

    And there were VERY FEW DRB supporters there which was very noticeable.

    Everyone who was there should be very proud of themselves.

  2. Donna says:

    Sigh!!! I am very proud that I didn’t go and protest.

    • As an American citizen, I nevertheless grew up in Bermuda. My father’s family are
      several generations—Bermudian. Over the past five years, having learned more and
      more about the corruption of the current Premier and his allies, I urged anyone on
      the Island, who would listen, to take a closer look at this doctor, at the helm of our British territory.
      Conversely, Donna, you should be proud of your fellow patriotic Bermudians, from all
      walks of life and ages who took part in two demonstrations at their disgust for a
      person who cares only for his own self interest and not the will of the people. Donna,
      you have a ways to go before you fully comprehend the level of deceit and treachery, not
      only in Bermuda, but in every government around the globe.
      By the way, Donna—what do you suppose the quid pro quo was supposed to be in the
      ‘resettlement’ of four detainees from Guantanomo to Bermuda?
      Wishing all the best for Bermuda and the detainees.

  3. […] Breezeblog [en], por outro lado, está bem feliz postando um vídeo intitulado “Time To Go – An Ode to Ewart Brown” [Hora de ir – Uma Ode a Ewart Brown] tentando olhar de forma cômica a situação. E a comédia continua, cortesia do blog “falso” The Secret Blog of Patrick “Patos” Manning [en], que alega ter vindo da cabeça do primeiro ministro de Trinidad e Tobago. O blogueiro insiste que recebeu uma carta do presidente dos EUA Barack Obama, pedindo por sua cooperação com alguns detentos de Guantánamo: I originally consulted the Minister of National Security on the matter, but his most innovative idea had to do with sending the detainees to live in Sobo Village and hoping they die of smelter-related illnesses within a few years. So I’m opening this one to you, my dear friends. Participatory government is alive and well in Trinidad and Tobago! Help me choose a Gitmo detainee! Or four! […]

  4. glenda richardson says:

    My opinion is that if these men are innocent and in need then I am gratefull that Bermuda will be a new beginning, may God Bless them in their new life.
    As for the way Mr. Brown forced his hand without informing the Bermudian public, never mind the Goverment, Police and the powers that be, has only shown his lack of respect for his country !!!

    A bermudian in South Carolina………

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