testing time

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

The Royal Gazette editorial today pretty much sums up why I think the vote of no confidence will fail tomorrow. If only the PLP rebels had the courage of their convictions, risk expulsion and join with the saner elements of the UBP to form a new party … but that’s wishful thinking. Dr. Brown, for all his faults, is a shrewd political operator who still wields considerable patronage and power.

On top of that he seems to be playing his usual game of “divide and rule” by playing the tired old race card.  I have never really understood why someone of his undoubted intelligence continues to resort to these low and shameful tactics when the PLP, by demographics alone, could stay in power almost indefinitely if it played its cards right.

With a little more diplomacy and tact, Dr. Brown could have come out of the Gitmo Four and other situations smelling of roses. Instead, his confrontational style only serves to be divisive – and that can’t be good for any of us.

Maybe the Premier needs to replay that DVD of The Big Conversation, an initiative for which he deserves much credit, and remember its fundamental message that conversation is a two-way thing.

It will be interesting to see who turns up to protest tomorrow and whether  Bermudians of all stripes have the balls to match those of the Premier and stand up and be counted.

At the moment, the situation seems to be playing into Dr. Brown’s hands. It will take something extraordinary to dislodge him now.

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