rain fails to dampen protest

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics
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This is the full video of Janice Battersbee addressing the crowd of around 1500 protestors who turned up at the House of Assembly today despite the rain. With her is another member of the organising committee, Erica Rance-Cariah. The crowd was definitely bigger and slightly more mixed than Tuesday’s protest. The protest was timed to coincide with today’s debate of the “no confidence” motion against the Government as led by Premier Dr. Ewart Brown.

Dr. Brown did not address the crowd but instead stage-managed his lunch break from the House at Greg’s Steakhouse so that he walked across the front of the demonstrators – with his customary and totally unecessary armed police escort – as the rally ended.  What on earth is he afraid of ?  See Dr. Brown Goes To Lunch

  1. lol says:

    “hello everyone!”
    *clap* *cheer*
    *clap cheer*
    “i graduated from warwick academy!”
    *clap cheer*
    *clap* *cheer*

    every leader of every country walks around in public with a police escort of some kind. especially next to a demonstration driven against them. its not paranoia, it’s called not being an idiot.

    • Chris Gibbons says:

      So from your comments, I assume you approve of the racist accusations by Brown’s supporters that Janice Battersbee was not educated enough to have written the first address on Tuesday? Shame on you.

      As for Brown’s security? Give me a break. This is someone who demands over-the-top security that costs you and me hundreds of thousands of dollars wherever he goes. This and the absurd motorcades and the security guard outside his house is also part of Brown’s puffed up “Presidential” view of himself rather the mayor of a medium-sized town which, in reality is all any Bermuda Premier is. I don’t remember any Bermuda Premier requiring such security – save for maybe David Gibbons during the riots – and none of them were afraid to walk the streets of Bermuda. You NEVER see Ewart Brown walk around town talking to ordinary people. If he did that a bit more, maybe he wouldn’t find himself in the situation he now finds himself.

  2. Ashlee Battersbee says:

    I know this is really late, but I want to comment as well.
    Ewart Brown is nothing but, in one word, unnecessary. His “need” for all that security says to me that he knows that what he is doing is very wrong and he is afraid that Bermudians are going to act out in a violent manner, which is not going to happen. He puts himself up on a pedistal and the power has gone straight to his head. He is not what Bermuda needs. They need a leader who is for the people, not wanting the power for personal gain.
    I would say more but I’ll keep it to myself…I’ll keep it respectful

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