To sign or not to sign?

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

A petition has been posted on the UK Prime Minister’s web site calling for the resignation of Dr. Ewart Brown.

The petition has been created by Richard Bruton and states:

The leadership of this country seems to be on a course heading toward dictatorship that the majority of Bermudians are no longer willing to tolerate.

This latest action is the final straw. We are fed up, disgusted, disrespected and angry.

UPDATE: Organisers of the recent local protests are urging people not to sign this petition. In an e-mail circulated June 20, they state:

RE: Advise that you do NOT sign the UK petition calling for Ewart Brown’s resignation

Advise that you do NOT sign the UK petition calling for Ewart Brown’s resignation

Avoid “knee jerk” reactions. We should not throw a petition out to the public in haste.  As we know, wording is critical.  We have to get it right and take the time to get it right.

Please do NOT sign the current petition calling for Ewart Brown to resign that is circulating using a UK petition site.  We do not endorse this petition and are trying to reach the individual who created it.

The dangers in rushing into a petition are:

The wording has to be correct

The petition must be specific about the following:

  • what is  demanded
  • who is meant to carry out the  action
  • by what  means
  • by what  deadline

The petition must be verifiable (to verify the people who sign it), so the petition site must be a reputable one with controls and verification tools in place.

The petition site must be accessible to all Bermudians, including those who are NOT British citizens but ARE Bermudians by status.

At the moment, we DO NOT endorse this petition or any other petitions that individuals create.  Please allow us time to ‘do our homework’ on getting this right.  There is no need to rush this over the weekend.

We will get in touch by media and social media when we have posted the petition for you all to review and sign.  Until that time, please remain positive.

While you wait – celebrate the successes:  the new awareness of the public, the new sense of civic responsibility to hold our Government accountable.  Applaud Dale Butler’s actions and the words of Wayne Perinchief and others who spoke with great conviction during the debate.  This is the start and a good start it is.

Signed on behalf of the group calling themselves BERMUDIAN who co-organized the Rallies.
Janice Battersby, Erica Rance-Cariah, Gilbert Pitcher, Anne Hyde, and Pat Ferguson

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