motion defeated

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

As expected, the motion of no confidence in Premier Dr. Ewart Brown was defeated 22-11 last night after a 14-hour debate that ended at 5 a.m. this morning. Only Dale Butler had the guts to resign as minister after criticising the Premier and calling for an apology, which Dr. Brown gave. The UBP’s Darius Tucker amazingly was not in the House when the vote was called and Mark Pettingill abstained.

See the Gazette and the Sun for full reports. Great comment piece by PLP supporter Larry Burchall too:

The PLP has, in this instance, determined that the rule of law is secondary to the retention of political power; and that ignoring Cabinet is acceptable. Their decision represents political growth – in the wrong direction. As in all things, there will be consequences.

I’m disappointed and depressed but not surprised at the spinelessness of those who blindly follow Dr. Brown. Maybe there’ll be a leadershp challenge at the PLP conference in the Fall but I doubt it. I suspect Dr. Brown will emerge stronger than ever from this.

The UBP, though, are finished as a credible Opposition. I think this week’s rallies and comments across the papers, airwaves and blogs indicate there may finally be support for a new political party with maybe Dale Butler or Janice Battersbee as leader? Up to you, Bermuda …

In the meantime, expect the recriminations to start. Dr. Brown didn’t get where he is by not remembering a grudge.

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