power play

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

Today’s Royal Gazette says Government’s plan to take over the corporations of Hamilton and St. George’s is a potentially dangerous concentration of power:

Government’s decision to close down the corporations of Hamilton and St. George’s has all the hallmarks of the Brown administration.

Ignoring submissions from the public, taking decisions in private without consultation and putting up an unresearched justification for shutting down the corporations is increasingly typical of how Premier Ewart Brown’s administration does business.

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Amidst the good news about a St. Regis Hotel being planned for the Par-la-Ville site in Hamilton, the Corporation’s notable absence from yesterday’s press conference, whether planned or not, spoke volumes. The Corporation, which owns the land and has been working with developers on the project, says they were not invited; the developers say it was miscommunication; and of course it was nothing to do with the Government.

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