Stay strong says Stuart

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Bermuda, bermuda politics, media

Stay strong – public protests are not tea parties.  Good column in today’s Sun from Stuart Hayward, encouraging anti-Brown protestors not to give up:

The PLP leaders are evidently highly troubled by the public reaction and response to their leader’s reckless smuggling of four Uighurs into the island.

Chief among things troubling them is the mobilisation of a couple of thousand citizens in less than two weeks of protests, a level of orderly public display not seen on this rock during my lifetime. And while Premier Brown may boast of having seen larger and louder demonstrations, never in memory has Bermuda seen a larger, more vocal and more orderly gathering than showed up to protest recently.

To have hundreds of citizens shouting slogans calling for the ouster of a sitting Premier is unprecedented. And for them to be doing this despite the implied threats from the Premier’s chief propagandists – who proclaimed a counter-demonstration in tones that suggested “outnumbering” and “overpowering” any protesters – demonstrates levels of solidarity and commitment not seen here for perhaps half a century or more.

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