EventBox brings social apps together

Posted: July 20, 2009 in internet, Mac, Technology

If you’re like me and constantly switching between Facebook, Twitter and a bunch of other social media, not to mention Flickr, blog updates and news feeds, then you need EventBox. This great new little Mac-only app links you to all your social networks in one window, much like a mail application and you can set it up to let you know when you get a message, update or tweet without having to switch apps. If you have Growl, EventBox works seamlessly, popping up notifications so you can quickly see which ones are important or worth replying to. Up to know I have been using the Flock Browser – The Social Web Browser to do a similar job of keeping everything in one place but as I have been having some issues with some of Flock’s services disappearing or not loading, EventBox couldn’t have  come along at a better time.

EventBox is free to try and $15 for the beta version.

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