The Album Is Dead … again

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Mac, media, music, Technology

Interesting bit from on the latest  Apple-inspired i-music revolution as artists like Ingrid Michaelson (below) begin to realise the  potential of the app store. (No, I have no idea who she is either, but it madde a cute pic for this post …)

  1. Uncle Elvis says:

    You should check out Ingrid Michaelson. She’s actually quite good, in a “chick rock/pop” kinda way.

    She’s the one that does the song for… whatever car ad it is… that goes “I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok. I just want to be ok today”

    There’s a song, “You and I”, that she performed with Jason Mraz on his tour (she opened for him and he’d come out and sing it with her) that’s really sweet.

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