snow go yet

Posted: September 17, 2009 in Mac, Technology

So much for my plans to install Snow Leopard this weekend. It seems like a few of my favourite apps – such as My Private Network (my lifeline to the BBC iPlayer) – aren’t yet fully compatible. MPN told me: “It seems that Apple have broken the PPTP implementation in Snow Leopard, I guess they will fix it, but at the moment it is broken.”  Carbonite – my indispensable online backup – will apparently work but will not be not supported under Snow Leopard until October. Knowing my luck, that will be when the house burns down and I need it NOW, so I’m not taking the risk. Issues with key work apps like Adobe CS3 also make me nervous so I think I’m going to put the DVD back in its box until Halloween and everything’s fixed. Halloween? Ooh-er, maybe that’s tempting fate …

As stated in an earlier post, there’s an excellent wikidot guide to known issues here. For those looking for install tips and tricks, Gina Trapani’s excellent Lifehacker blog has an easy to follow how-to guide.

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