Spotlight on new media

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Bermuda, media

I wrote a piece for the current issue of Bermudian Business on how social networking, blogs and devices like the iPhone are transforming the media business and changing our very notion of what constitutes news and how we get it. In particular I looked at how it is impacting local media.

Unfortunately Bermudian Business does not upload published articles to its website – a prime example of traditional media not wanting to totally embrace the new and cannibalise its own product – but as I have had several requests from people outside Bermuda unable to buy the magazine for a copy of the piece, I post it here for your edification or otherwise: How Do You Take Your News?

Please note that while I am happy for you to link to and quote from this piece, please credit myself and Bermudian Business when doing so. Reproduction of the entire piece without permission of myself and/or the publisher in any way shape or form is strictly verboten.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up with my other life as editorial director of Kaleidoscope Media or throw any business my way, you can follow our company blog.

  1. Mairi says:

    Chris, love the post.
    I think Bermuda forgets how many people are interested in reading about Bermuda from abroad. I left Bermuda five years ago and still read The Royal Gazette often to keep up with news from the island – and I’d love to have access to magazines like RG, Bottom Line and Bermudian Business. Getting hold of a copy of them was hard enough in Bermuda, but abroad it is nigh on impossible – uploading them would certainly bring a smile to my face and I’m sure many others.

    Also there are ways for magazines to use new media to boost profile and circulation and set themselves apart from others. Look at Insurance Journal’s Facebook page as an example. Twitter can be used to tease readers in 140 characters – “just got an exclusive witht the Premier… don’t forget to buy Bermudian Business next month to read all about it…” Or posting URL links to stories.

    PS – I hope you’ve Tweeted the URL to this blog and posted it on the Bermuda groups on LinkedIn.

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