app, app and away!

Posted: September 30, 2009 in iPhone, Mac, Technology

I know I’m late to the iPhone party (it’s a long story but I now finally have a 3G and am LOVIN’ IT!) but thought I’d share my favourite apps anyway as a few other new users – many of them, interestingly, not native Mac users – have been asking me for some recommendations. Macworld’s new App Guide, which reviews and rates almost 78,000 apps, is well worth checking out. In the meantime, here are my top dozen favourites so far:

  1. Skype – an absolute killer app if you have a SkypeOut account and wi-fi. Clarity is superb and way easier to use than headphones on the desktop. Free
  2. Facebook – everything you need to keep up with your social circle. Free.
  3. News Addict – instant, constantly updated access to top stories from the world’s leading newspapers and wire services through one easy to use app. 99 cents.
  4. – until Spotify comes to the iPhone here, is the next best thing. Choose a non-stop stream of free music from thousands of artists and tracks. Free.
  5. AppBox Pro – a translator, unit convertor, clinometer and even a period calendar all in one app. 99 cents
  6. LogMeIn – at $29.99, it’s the most expensive app I’ve bought yet but being able to access and control your desktop remotely is not only cool but for a home business like mine, a potential lifesaver on the road.
  7. Remote – invaluable tool for couch potatoes who can’t be bothered to get up and find the remote control for their Apple TV. It can also control your computer. Free.
  8. Tweetdeck – best find so far for keeping up with the Twitterati. Free
  9. ESPN ScoreCenter – customise it for easy access to only the teams, sports and leagues you follow. Free
  10. Flick Fishing – great game to impress iPhone sceptics: choose your location, “cast” your line and reel in your catch.  $1.99
  11. Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes – terrific graphics on this war game based on the Band of Brothers TV series. $4.99
  12. RealSoccer 2010 – best soccer game I’ve seen outside the FIFA series. The 2010 version has even better graphics and controls. $6.99

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