Gagging for a gig

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Bermuda, internet, Technology, Uncategorized

Dream on, Bermuda. We're stuck in that left-hand pre-1999 timewarp.

Swiped this from the rdiscover tech site. Food for thought – and about time for consumers demand better, cheaper services from Bermuda’s so-called “world class telecommunications” providers.

Yesterday Chattanooga rolled out 1 Gigabit internet service to all its residents and business. The first City in the US.

New Pricing, effective Sept 13th in Chattanooga

– 30 Mbps up and down for $58
– 50 Mbps per second for $70
– 100 Mbps per month for $140
– 1 gigabit for $350 per month (launched September 13th)

Bermuda, population 68k people / Est. GDP: 5.86 Billion 2007.

Pricing effective September 8th

– 1 Mbps – $89
– 4 Mbps – $135
– 6 Mbps – $175
– 8 Mbps – $210 (launched September 8th)

It is not Bermuda’s distance, it not Bermuda’s size … must be something else 🙂

Things will improve if TeleBermuda and Cablevision are allowed to enter the home market and provide higher residential speeds – although they are only promising a miserable 12mbps – while North Rock trumpets its new 8mbps service as though it’s cutting edge.

With services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer and devices like Apple’s new streaming TV, the digital convergence of TV and the internet is here and now. If we want to really take advantage of it, consumers need to demand it. Let’s hear ya, Bermuda!

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