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The Art of iPhoneography: instructive and inspiring.

I’m increasingly fascinated by iPhoneography as an art form in its own right. The humble camera phone has developed into much more than a handy ‘point and snap’ and the vast number of apps now available for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets allow you to be as creative as your imagination allows. Sites like Pixels At An Exhibition showcase the stunning work now being produced by mobile photographers.

If you’re looking to get more serious about phone photography, I can highly recommend a couple of items I’ve recently discovered.

The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide To Mobile Creativity is an excellent book by Stephanie C. Roberts that is now an iPad app. It doesn’t just cover the basics but shows you how to get the best out of apps like Hipstamatic, Photo fx and Photoshop Express as well as providing inspiration with interactive profiles of leading iPhoneographers, project ideas and the best sites to share your work on. Beautifully designed and easy to use, it’s a steal at $9.99.

Snap, which launched in June, is a free monthly magazine for iPad and iPhone produced by Hipstamatic that features gorgeous and inspirational work by some of the most creative iPhonoegraphers around as well as tips on getting the most out of Hipstamatic. A great feature is that you can click on every image in the magazine to reveal the specific settings used to take the photo.

I’m not enough of a camera techie to know exactly how this works but this Light Field Camera, due to be released in the wild later this year by California startup Lytro looks incredible.

Essentially, unlike regular or digital cameras, it captures all the light rays in a scene and enables you to shoot pictures faster because – get this – you focus after taking the picture, allowing to change depth of field and other tricks to produce sone astonishingly lifelike images. Have a play around with this Lytro image below – click to refocus and double click to zoom – and check out their website. No word yet on pricing.

trott’s hot shots

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Bermuda, Photography, sports is a new Bermuda photography site set up by my old Gazette and Mid-Ocean colleague Lawrence Trott. It features some of the best of his sports shots from his career behind the lens – plus some that have never been published. You can browse the site by sport, event or venue and the photos will eventually be available for online purchase although there doesn’t seem to be a facility for that right now. There are also links to some of his articles and a calendar of upcoming sports events.

masters pieces

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Bermuda, Photography

As a former sports editor and a magazine editor in love with great photography, I’ve been really impressed this past week with the work Alex Masters has been doing, shooting the Island Games in Aland for The Royal Gazette and the Bermuda Sun. His shots have been far above the normal run-of-the-mill sports action shots – not bad at all for someone who by his own admission, “as far as sports are concerned, I don’t think I could be any less experienced,” and is far more at home shooting weddings, fashion shoots and concerts.  You can see more on Flickr or on Alex’s photoblog.

Lost Picture Recovery, Picture Recovery Software.

Am trying out Klix, a nifty bit of software that recovers images and video that get accidentally deleted from cameras, media cards or from corrupted or reformated cards. Demo is for 30 days and so far it works like a charm. May be the best $29.95 I’ll spend in a while.

Brilliant panorama pic of the protest from the House of Assembly balcony by Max Kehrli. The image is several images stitched together for a final 40 megapixel image.

Brilliant panoramic image  of the protest from the House of Assembly balcony by Max Kehrli. The composite image is several photos stitched together for a final 40 megapixel image.

You can find more of Max’s superb images from today on Flickr.