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Tweet for service …

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Bermuda, internet
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Nice to see local companies finally starting to use social media effectively (ie. something more than sticking up a Facebook page and losing interest in posting anything after a few weeks).

On the weekend, I updated the iOS software on my iPhone … which proceeded to wipe out the APN details (this is the address that enables your phone to connect to your carrier’s cellular data network so you download email, access the net, etc.). I couldn’t remember what the details were for CellOne and, after losing the will to live while on hold for their customer service (it kept telling me my call was first in line … for about 10 minutes), I simply asked for help on Twitter.

Within a few minutes I got a message saying that CellOne was following me and shortly after, they sent me the details I needed. Now, my other Twitter friends beat them to it by a good 20 minutes, but CellOne deserves credit for not just having a Twitter account to appear cool and “in touch” but for actually setting it up to search for mentions of its company and  monitoring it so that they can respond promptly to customer queries like mine.

I know this sort of stuff is par for the course in the real world but it’s long overdue in Bermuda. So thanks, CellOne, for being on the ball with that little extra customer service. Other Bermuda businesses, take note.