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Stormy Salt Kettle

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Bermuda
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Got blown about a bit while taking the dog for walk this morning. Winds now at tropical storm level, as can be seen from this clip, shot from Salt Kettle ferry stop, looking across Hamilton Harbour to the city.

Oi, leatherface! Wanna rum'n'Dunkley's?

Ten things to love about hurricanes:

  1. Days of practice to become a Scrabble/Risk/Monopoly/chess ninja
  2. Finally getting to read that pile of old technology paper portable devices on the bedside table
  3. Meeting neighbours you didn’t know existed
  4. Naked solar showers in the garden
  5. Sharpening your machete skills
  6. Legitimate excuse to run around wielding a chainsaw with a leather mask on
  7. Really innovative BBQs – yes, you really can do lasagne on a grill …
  8. Bizarre cocktails. Nothing like black rum to liven up that milk and OJ in the warm fridge before it goes off
  9. Dinner by candlelight
  10. Sex by candlelight

And 10 things to hate …

  1. The embarrassment of losing to your kids at Scrabble/Risk/Monopoly/chess yet again
  2. Power outages. By the third day, the novelty’s definitely over.
  3. Meeting neighbours you didn’t know they existed
  4. Neighbours filming you taking naked solar showers in the garden
  5. Piles of rotting vegetation. Phew!
  6. Tripping over while wielding a machete
  7. Falling over with a chainsaw after one too many rum’n’curdled milks
  8. Running out of candles and wondering just what the hell you’re eating for dinner
  9. Regretting buying that electric scooter
  10. Sex by candlelight (unless, of course, you’ve got the aforementioned solar shower)