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Young Citizen Award recipients with Government Minister Glenn Blakeney. Photo by Bernews.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that my 10-year-old son Toby was honoured this week as one of 37 students awarded Young Citizen Awards by the Bermuda Government’s Child & Family Services department to mark the Universal Day of the Child.

This was something of a surprise to us, as well as Toby, as we were not aware of the awards, which have been given for the past eight years to primary, middle and high school children who demonstrate “a kind heart and a caring personality”.  Nominations are made by teachers based on their day-to-day observations without the kids being aware of it.

Anyway, we received an invitation for Toby and two family members to attend a splendid lunch at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess yesterday with Government ministers, TV – the whole nine yards. As proud as I was of Toby’s nomination, I admit part of me did think this was all a bit over the top for what seemed to be something of a “touchy-feely” award. But as the citations for each child were read out, I soon changed my mind.

One child after another was recognised for their compassion or courage – standing up to bullying, not bearing grudges, making time to help out a new class member or one with disabilities, sharing their supplies or snacks, making sure fellow classmates didn’t feel left out, and so on.

Some kids were exceptional. You may already have heard of 9-year-old Victor Scott student Malaikah Abdul-Jabbar, who has already written two books, including Stop The Shooting about the violence in her community.