New beginnings

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my new blog!

Am going to start re-blogging after almost two years silence. My last post on the old Caught In The Web blog was January 2006 (yikes, time flies when you’re being lazy). To be honest I just got too busy to continue it in blog format after the Bermuda Sun axed the column, and well, one thing didn’t lead to another and so I finally shut that space down last week.

Facebook has renewed my enthusiasm for sharing online so when I feel like sharing something, this is where it will be. Unlike CITW, this won’t be entirely tech-related – just stuff that catches my eye about music, football, movies, books, life, Bermuda – oh and maybe a bit of Mac stuff too. If you want to follow my random thoughts on Tumblr, go to giblog. You want real issue stuff, go check out Phil Wells, who is back blogging on A Limey In Bermuda after a hiatus just in time for the election.

So feel free to read on, let me know what you think – and please join in anytime you feel like it! 

 p.s. why “breezeblog”? well, shootin’ de breeze is a national pastime here in Bermuda and breezeblog seemed an appropriate play on breeze block, which is what everything seems to be built out of these days instead of the real Bermuda stuff. 


  1. Uncle Elvis says:

    Welcome back, you bugger!
    I’ve already put a link up on my place.

    A note would have been nice, but noooo…

    Y’never call… y’never write…

    Keep going, mon ami

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