Radioshift – TiVo for radio

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Technology
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If you’re like me and you love listening to stuff from the BBC, you will no doubt have been ticked off by the fact that (for copyright reasons) podcasts of popular shows have the music stripped out. Jonathan Ross is funny enough to stand alone without the music but it’s not quite the same. One way round it is by using the wonderful app Radioshift from Rogue Amoeba. Basically this works like a TiVo for radio – you can find stuff from all over the world, listen to it live or subscribe to have it downloaded to your computer. Then just click the “send to iTunes” icon and hey, presto – a full three hours of Wossy with the great music. Make sure you buy the full license, though (a deal at $32) – the demo version inserts a hissing background noise after 10 minutes.


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