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The Old Man Who Read EULAs

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Mac
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I’m sure like me you don’t read the 30-plus page end-user license agreement (EULA) that now accompanies each new upgrade of iTunes before clicking “Agree”.

But Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss does … to dramatic and hilarious effect in this audio clip from a recent CNet roundtable podcast.

Apple cuts the cord

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Apple, iPad
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Having had a day to digest all the Apple announcements at WWDC, it’s clear that iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion represent an evolution in how we will use and interact with our digital devices.

The huge popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad clearly point the way to an increasingly wireless and post-PC era and Monday’s keynote promised some welcome developments.

Wireless syncing for one was long overdue. As our home’s one-man IT department, syncing up the iPods, Touches and iPads that have proliferated in our household through my iMac-cum-media hub was becoming a chore. The ability to have all our apps, music, photos, calendars and contacts synced through iCloud will make managing our digital life so much easier and enjoyable. In fact, you will no longer need a Mac at all to activate and start using an iPhone or iPad.

If you have iTunes 10.3 installed, you can already see iCloud in action. New iTunes purchases are automatically synced to all your Apple devices and a new Purchased option shows all the apps or music you’ve ever bought from iTunes and indicates which ones are not on the device you’re using. On your iPad and desperately want to listen to that Lady Gaga album that’s on your iPhone? Just click and iCloud will download it to your iPad.

The full Fall release of iCloud will documents, books and other data between your iPad and desktop and in doing so will make the iPad a much more compelling work device for many people as well as an additional backup and sharing option.

iCloud will also offer iTunes Match – a $24.99 a year service that will mirror up to 20,000 tracks in your iTunes library (not just iTunes purchases) and allow you to stream it anywhere, anytime. Unlike Amazon’s Cloud Player or Google’s Music Beta, you do not have to spend days uploading your music library so all that data will not be counted against your free 5GB of iCloud storage. It remains to be seen if Apple’s service – like Amazon and Google – is US-only and not available to Bermuda users without using a proxy server.

Apple stopped short of offering a Rhapsody or Napster-style subscription service that would enable you to stream virtually any music, but I would not be surprised to see them roll out something along those lines at some point – especially if and when the hugely popular Spotify becomes available in the US.


Radioshift – TiVo for radio

Posted: December 9, 2007 in Technology
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If you’re like me and you love listening to stuff from the BBC, you will no doubt have been ticked off by the fact that (for copyright reasons) podcasts of popular shows have the music stripped out. Jonathan Ross is funny enough to stand alone without the music but it’s not quite the same. One way round it is by using the wonderful app Radioshift from Rogue Amoeba. Basically this works like a TiVo for radio – you can find stuff from all over the world, listen to it live or subscribe to have it downloaded to your computer. Then just click the “send to iTunes” icon and hey, presto – a full three hours of Wossy with the great music. Make sure you buy the full license, though (a deal at $32) – the demo version inserts a hissing background noise after 10 minutes.