Final count: PLP wins 22-14

Posted: December 18, 2007 in bermuda politics

So what does it all mean? There is no question that the result is a ringing endorsement for Dr Brown and his style of Government. And that will rightly worry a lot of people.

On ZBM, Julian Hall stated: “There has been a sea change in the level and quality of debate even in the last few weeks on social issues as a reaction to the print media. If anyone’s going to have a rough time in the months ahead, it is the Royal Gazette and the Mid-Ocean News.”

Tom Vesey: “There is a lot of healing to be done. It won’t put an end to the ethical concerns surrounding Brown and DeSilva. Part of it will be dealt by legal proceedings but the PLP leadership itself has to decide what it will do about it.”

Hall agreed: said there was a need for clarifaction on ethics, etc. “We have serious community healing to do.” Lamented the “horrible” things on internet blogs, etc – “and not just whites against blacks”.

Dunkley speech to UBP faithful: “We need to get back to bein g Bermudians and bridge the gaps that have occurred over the past seven weeks. The people have spoken and we must abide by their wishes. Tomorrow let’s go back to work.” Said he is “ready and willing to serve Bermuda and my people.”

Finally: “To Dr Brown: you have been given a tremendous responsibility to lead this island. People expect you to do so with honesty and integrity.”

Last results: Smith West is held by Trevor Moniz (UBP) and Lavitta Foggo (PLP) – she of the controversial “shackles” quote – upsets Suzanne Holshouser in St David’s.

Final count: It’s as you were – PLP 22 UBP 14.
Popular vote: UBP 15161, PLP 16,800, Independent 67

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