“Son of the soil” sunk without trace

Posted: December 18, 2007 in bermuda politics

Mark Pettingill wins Warwick East for UBP Walter Roban (PLP) wins Pembroke East. Southampton West Central won by Jon Brunson for UBP. Paula Cox holds her Devonshire North seat. Harold Darrell, the whistle-blowing Son Of The Soil who leaked the controversial BHC Police dossier, garnered just 24 votes as an independent in Pembroke Central as Wayne Perionchief (PLP) romps home.

Julian Hall says the result has totally discredited the media (specifically the Gazette and Mid-Ocean but does not mention ZBM, who also fought the Government over the issue) and says the anti-Brown campaign served only to galvanise his support.

Jerome Dill: “The story is that at the end of the day, the faithful have come home.”

Hall and Dill suggest the new faces in the UBP will make it a more dynamic and different opposition.

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