Ah, the wit of AA

Posted: January 2, 2008 in media

One of the joys of Sunday (well, Monday in Bermuda by the time we get it) is the UK Sunday Times, mainly because it usually has the food and TV columns by the biting and witty AA GillThis week’s TV column was another reminder of just why I love his writing. Of veteran British actor Derek Jacobi, he wrote: “[His] most successful and repeated thespian trick is to imitate the startled look of a homosexual mouse caught in flagrante by a marmalade cat with halitosis: a canny mixture of camp terror and disgust, which, frankly, I could watch for hours.” The man’s in a class of his own. Do search out his travel book, AA Gill Is Away and The Angy Island, about us Limeys – both are absolute treats.

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