Resolute … for now, anyway

Posted: January 2, 2008 in miscellany

New Year’s resolutions – why bother? I never remember them, never go back to check whether I lived up to them and best of all, no one else ever remembers that you made them in the first place. Maybe if I blogged them I’d keep to them … so here (in no particular order) are a few I’d like to do in 2008:

  1. Get back to playing tennis (a perennial this, since 1997)
  2. Finish watching The Sopranos
  3. Watch at least one DVD a week from the ever-growing Christmas collection of box sets I never get around to finishing (I’m just dying to find out how World At War turns out.)
  4. Just say no to desserts during the week. 
  5. Read at least one book a month
  6. Edit all the home video piling up on my HD camcorder once a month
  7. Buy an ocean kayak – and use it
  8. Take more naps 
  9. Resist the urge to buy an iPhone until they work legally in Bermuda
  10. Keep this blog going for at least a year

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