Well said, Jim

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Bermuda, bermuda politics

Very good piece by Matt Taylor with Jim Butterfield in today’s Gazette. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the Bermuda Cement Company business with WEDCO and Government but something sure  doesn’t smell right and I do know Jim Butterfield well enough to know that if someone like him is feeling uncomfortable in today’s political climate, it is not a good sign. Yes, Jim was born into a white, privileged family but in my experience he has been careful not to abuse that position. Indeed, along with his wife Debbie, sister Peggy and brother Tom, Jim has always made a conscious and sincere effort to give back to all sectors of the community. Not just in financial terms but actively getting involved with any number of sporting and social causes and giving up hundreds of hours each year to benefit those less fortunate than themselves. Most of this has been done quietly, with humility and without recognition. For sure, there are plenty of arrogant, racist white Bermudians who need to feel uncomfortable, ashamed and guilty – but Jim Butterfield isn’t one of them.  The PLP – or at least those going along with the current climate – should think really carefully about where they are going with this. If they succeed in driving people like Jim Butterfield out of business and maybe out of Bermuda, we will all be the poorer.Dennis Correia, one of the new shareholders at BCC, does plenty for the community too – as a Somersfield Academy parent I have seen first hand his and Jane’s generosity in helping provide facilities and support – but he sure could learn a lot from Jim when it comes to dignity and humility.

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